Rainsome Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was established in March, 2005 with a registered capital of RMB 11 million. It is a company that focuses on standards and regulation information services. Currently, we have one head office in Shanghai and one branch office in Beijing and five representative offices in Xi’an, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

At Rainsome Technology, our mission is to link the largest providers of international standards to manufacturers across China using our revolutionary platform. Our platform is the largest in China, with a dynamic client base and the most up to date information ranging across thousands of industries.

Rainsome provides services through two channels: software and website. At current stage, Rainsome has developed eight softwares with independent intellectual rights that deliver standards review and implementation guidance related service. Through our another arsenal, namely website, users can easily review and purchase standards documents in both hard copy or electrical format.

We can boast to be China’s largest service platform for specialized standards, Rainsome Information and Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is

  • Privately owned
  • privately operated
  • We are non-governmental but have strong relationships with key regulators.

We are your one-stop cloud management solution provider!

Executive Profiles

Longzhang Xu
General Manager

Mr Xu is a graduate of Shanghai Jiaotong University where he received his master degree in 2002. He served as general secretary of Shanghai Informationization Development Research Association since 2005. He was also appointed as the director of Shanghai Information Service Outsourcing Development Center. In the same year, he co-established Rainsome as one of the founding shareholders.

Shijia Tao
Director of Technical Department

Mr Tao graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2000, where he received an elite education in computer application. In 2011, he joined Rainsome as the director of technical department.

Chao Liu
Director of Administrative Department

Mr Liu holds a master degree in politics and public administration from Renmin University of China. In 2003, he was formerly the director of School Affairs Office in Renmin University of China. In March 2015, he joined Rainsome as director of administrative department.

Specialist Team

Zhengyu Ji

Mr Ji received a bachelor degree in engineering from Tongji University in 1990. He also holds a master degree in engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1993. He has titles of professor-level senior engineer, UK royal chartered engineer, top class national registered structural engineer. He was formerly the deputy general engineer in Shanghai Modern Architectural Design (Group) Co. ; Ltd. Since 2010, he served as general manager and vice president of CCDI International Group.

Certificate Documents

Franchised Distributor granted by National Standard Network Distribution Service System of China

Note: Granted as the Franchised Distributor by National Standards Network Distributor Service System of China, Rainsome is a part of an elite group of the only eighteen distributors to sell digital version of domestic and international standards.


Located at Changyang Valley, Rainsome covers an area of 1080 square meters, including resting area, landscape area, and office area. Here, a group of vibrant colleagues, with a shared vision, work diligently and creatively to their fullest potential. You can enjoy first-class catering facilities including giant shopping malls, 24-hour convenient stores and all kinds of restaurants.


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