The Most Comprehensive Data Base

Rainsome has China’s largest and most comprehensive data base of integrated and authoritative standard documents, our data base includes foreign standards, Chinese national standards, local standards and industry standards.

Precise Targeting

Our system is easy for everyone to use, a client can quickly and accurately find standards using our high quality search engine.

Review & Share

Users can easily review standard information in from different clients using almost any device, review from your laptop, mobile phone, or iPad at any time.

Automatic Updates

Users can rest assured knowing our proprietary software is constantly and automatically updating our data base, the system identifies new updates, replaces old standards and corrects our data bases list of standard information. You will always be up to date and know the latest industry changes.

Tailored Plans

We understand not all companies are the same. Whether your big or small, our team will tailor-make a package for you that is cost-effective and efficient.

Flexible Integration

If you currently have an in-house database for regulations and standards we can work with you to integrate this system into our own. Meaning all your data can be stored in the one convenient, safe and easy to use place.

Advanced Technology

Building on the premise of B/S structure and Internet/Intranet technology, our advanced cloud management software empowers users to fully enjoy the convenience of technology.

Stream line your database management

Our sophisticated management platform will allow your team to spend less time researching and maintaining an up to date standards data base, which allows you to focus more time on your core business.



OA Internal Management System

Office Automation Software is a well-rounded office management tool. Based on .NET structure, and technologies such as Ajax, Jquery, the software is flexible for customization and integration. Under the software, employees will be given different privileges according to their position, which will restrict data accessibility and ensure data security within the company. By using the software, users can review pictures and documents in all formats, migrate document with one click, save documents in large volume.

Online Examination and Training System

Based on .NET structure, on-line training and testing system will allow users to have online exams at any time. Corporate managers can maintain question library through Internet by adding, modifying and deleting questions in accordance with their requirements. And the software can automatically give the results to examinees. By using the software, standards implementation institutions can effectively evaluate employees’ understanding of the standard content and make standard implementation more smooth.


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